Light Blue Floral Maxi Dress

Spring 2018 Fashion Trends - Why Long Floral Maxi Dresses Everything This Season

It's no secret that florals are all the rage this season. While they have been popular for a few years, in 2018, large, floral prints in bold, vibrant colors are going to be the trend to look out for.

Long maxi dresses are extremely popular, perhaps because they're so versatile and easy to wear anywhere - or possibly because there it's wonderful to be able to wake up in the morning without having to struggle to find two articles of clothing that actually match. For busy women who still want to look great, they are a life-saver. They're elegant enough to wear out, but they're also comfortable and informal enough to wear on a daily basis.

With florals being one of the main trends to focus on this year, long floral maxi dresses are almost a no-brainer. While there are many Spring 2018 Fashion Trends that we should focus on, this one in particular is one of the most popular.

I'm not particularly partial to any floral maxi dress in particular. I buy them all and try not to pick favorites, but our Liana Light Blue Floral Maxi is hands down, one of the most gorgeous dresses that I've seen in a while. This long, light blue floral maxi dress is perfect for Spring 2018 - its bold, large, floral print patterns stand out from the rest - as the lilac patterns contrast beautifully with the light blue base color of the dress itself. I've purchased so many floral print dresses from places like Amazon, and they have all been made in China and the quality is less-than desirable, but this dress is extremely well-made, and the material is extra comfortable. It has a cooling texture that is perfect to wear during Spring & Summer, and it stretches easily.

This piece is what I feel is a "staple" piece in terms of floral maxi dresses and its a "must have" addition to your wardrobe this season. Brace yourself for endless amounts of compliments no matter where you wear it!

These are selling quickly, so make sure to click the link below to order yours before they're gone!  - Liana Light Blue Floral Maxi Dress

Embroidered Skirt Michigan and Madison

Elegantly Embroidered - The Simple Rae

Botanical Embroidered SkirtEmbroidered Skirt

Embroidered SkirtBotanical Embroidered SkirtBotanical Embroidered Skirt

Botanical Embroidered Cord Skirt - Michigan and Madison - 

Photo Credit : Jamie Foxen, The Simple Rae -



January 11, 2018 by Lauren Thompson